Friday, October 29, 2010

Working Title!

Rue des Morts!  I was talking with T. Mirai about titles for our NaNo stories.  We're both writing stories set in New Orleans, though hers is modern.  She has a title for her story already, whereas I do not.  Though she doesn't have a name for her main character, whereas I do, so I don't feel too bad. XD 

Anyway, I was looking at a picture on of a lane in a New Orleans cemetery.  I'm not terribly poetic, but the first words that came to mind when I looked at that picture were "rue des morts," which translates to "street of the dead."  I have no idea how it will relate to my story or even if it will, but it's a decent working title, so I won't have to call my story's file "NaNo."  <_<

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