Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wake me up when November comes.

Plodding along through October, jobless and depressed.  At the end of the month, I'll get my bonus from the driver guide job, and that should be at least five hundred dollars, so that will be a little relief.  I've managed to procure a ferry ticket out of here, though.  I'll be leaving Juneau on November 16th and arriving in Bellingham, WA on the 19th.  From there, I'll be driving to Ellensburg, WA to stay with family.  Alaska was an adventure, but it wasn't what I'd hoped it would be.  In fact, it was nothing I hoped it would be.  I"ll be glad to be somewhere else.

Good news is, three days on a ferry will give me plenty of time to write, since I won't have anything else to do.  I've been developing ideas for my Wrimo story, and the research for it it has taken me in some interesting directions.  For instance, Catholic views on assisted suicide. (They oppose it. Surprised?  Me, neither.) 

I've also downloaded a trial version of the art program PaintTool SAI.  It's amazing in just about every aspect I have discovered so far.  Line art is so fricken easy in this program.  And the software itself is so much lighter than Photoshop.  It downloaded in about four seconds.  When the trial runs out in 31 days, I'll probably try to buy it.  It's only about 55 bucks, U.S.  Compared to Photoshop, for which even an older version costs over a hundred dollars, that's pretty damn good.  For my purposes, which is just digital inking and digital coloring, SAI seems like a great program.

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